The Millenia Group search staff is comprised of highly skilled recruiters who have immersed themselves within several core industries – becoming placement specialists within these fields. The information and experience derived from our recruiters provides The Millenia Group with an unmatched knowledge base that gives our clients a distinct advantage when first staffing, re-staffing or finding key personnel for their organization. Our methodology has been proven successful time after time for all types of searches from finance to human resources to information technology.

The search process is handled exclusively by a Millenia Group Search Consultant – a single point-of-contact dedicated to the client’s criteria and needs. The commitment to delivering the perfect candidate in a timely manner is the goal.

Our proven, 5-step process includes the following key elements:

1. Definition Of Objectives
  • After meeting with key members of a company’s staff to fully understand your company and its requirements, we begin with the creation of a thorough and compelling job description. This job description will be utilized as a marketing tool throughout the search process.
  • We work with the client to identify specific requirements and experiences, discuss likely sources and examples of ideal backgrounds.
  • We research and develop a competitive salary and total compensation package for the position. As experts in the field, we are extremely familiar with not only competitive base salaries, but also various bonus programs, option packages, employment agreements, etc.

2. Research And Identification
  • We initiate detailed research to identify target companies and industries. We use proprietary databases, online resources and personal market and industry knowledge.
  • Of utmost importance is The Millenia Group’s vast network of personal networking contacts in specific industries. We have specific discussions with industry leaders utilizing our network of contacts to further identify sources and prospective candidates.
  • All this is performed in a confidential and discrete manner, expertly representing the position without disclosing the client’s name.

3. Contact & Evaluation
  • As a result of our research, The Millenia Group directly contacts those potential candidates deemed most qualified and discusses the position requirements and opportunities.
  • We personally interview all qualified candidates and further evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.
  • We create confidential profiles on each candidate, including references and background checks to thoroughly evaluate each individual’s education, experience, and leadership qualities. We have developed benchmarking tools to assess all candidates over the same required qualifications.

4. Selection Process
  • We then present detailed profiles on the ‘short list’ of candidates—reviewing how each candidate’s background and personality meet the requirements of the job and how they will fit into your organization.
  • We closely coordinate all interviews and provide timely and valuable feedback to you and the candidate.
  • We assist in the final candidate selection process including complete compensation negotiations.
  • We contact all prospects on the short list to thank them for their interest and participation.

5. Follow-Up
  • We maintain continued communications with the client to assure a smooth transition with the candidate.
  • We look forward to a continued relationship based on the success and satisfaction of our client.